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Dural has been manufacturing adhesives and polymers for industrial and residential use for over 70 years. It is through this experience and the fact that we manufacture and control many of our own basic components that we are able to offer our customers adhesives of the highest possible consistency of quality at reasonable prices. Each container of DURAPRO’s adhesive container is the result of years of formulating, producing and marketing by team of highly qualified and experienced technical people. Our close liaison with customers, attention to their needs and changing market conditions have added to the evolution and recognition of DURAPRO a Dural brand. It is this total commitment to service that has placed the name Dural high on the list of preferred suppliers for major industrial companies in the fields of packaging, bookbinding, woodworking, material assembly; and building materials dealers and wholesalers across Canada. And since its creation, Dural is a proud participant in the program “WELL MADE HERE”, whose mission is to encourage the production and the purchase of quality building materials made in Canada for the residential and commercial markets.

Dural, a division of MULTIBOND Inc. located in Dorval, Quebec is privately owned and operated by Canadian interests.



Since 1952, located in Dorval, Quebec, Dural is proud of its environmental, social and economic impact. “Buy Local” is a growing trend as people become more aware of the impact of their actions on the environmental, social and economic levels. Local consumption is the responsible choice with the biggest increase since 2010. Thus is born the organism “WELL MADE HERE” of which Dural became a member in the first day in October 2018.

With the “WELL MADE HERE” logo, the consumers and contractors are able to spot our Canadian-made residential market products sold in hardware and home improvement distribution networks. By buying locally, we contribute and you contribute to economic health by sourcing suppliers locally as well. Through our responsible choices and yours, we allow and you allow people living here to believe in their personal and professional success.