DURAPRO AW3696 is a polyvinyl acetate based adhesive designed for cabinets, furniture, carpentry work and other indoor wood gluing projects. It has an excellent initial grip and reduced slip during assembly. Forms strong bonds on hardwood, softwood, plywood, natural wood composites, MDF, cardboard and other porous materials.

– #1 choice of carpenter’s and woodworker’s
– Excellent sandability
– Strength 4000 lbs

PREPARATION: Adhesive, material and room temperature should be above 18°C. Surfaces to be glued must be sanded smooth, clean and dry. Best bonds are obtained when moisture content of wood ranges between 8% and 12%.
APPLICATION: Apply directly from the bottle or using a glue brush or a mechanical glue spreader onto one of the surfaces. Spread glue to result in squeeze out when parts are assembled. Joints must be tight fitting. Clamp or press using sufficient pressure. Dries light translucent yellow. Allow to dry before sanding.
GUIDELINES (@ 20°C & 50% RH): Assembly time: 10-20 minutes; Clamp time: 30-60 minutes; Drying time: 6-8 hours. Spread rate: 6 sq.m. / L.

Available in bottles (236ml, 473ml, 1L, 4L), 15L pail , 205L drum, 1000L tote

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