Woodworking glues


Quelque soit le type de panneaux que vous avez a installé, il y a un adhésif DURA PRO® qui répond à vos besoins. La SÉRIE AC DURA PRO® pour la construction inclus des adhésifs pour l’installation de sous-planchers, panneaux de gypse, panneaux stratifiés tel que Arborite® et Formica®, panneaux NRP sans fibre de verre tel que Plas-Tex® , panneaux décoratifs tel que DPI® et Barker-Tile®, panneaux isolants de polystyrène extrudé tel que STYROFOAM™, et panneaux acoustiques de polypropylène expansé tel que TAC®. La SÉRIE AC DURA PRO® inclus aussi les adhésifs pour le béton, les pavés-unis et murs de soutainement. SVP consulter notre liste de produits dans cette section pour sélectionner l’adhésif approprié pour votre projet.




DURAPRO AW3649 is a polyvinyl acetate based adhesive characterized by high solids content and rapid setting. DURAPRO AW3649 is used for bonding a wide variety of wood species (except exotic wood) in applications such as composite board, edgebanding and surface bonding. The dry film is easily sanded and is not affected by lacquers, paints, varnishes. Contains a UV tracer for easier viewing with ultraviolet blacklight for removal of excess adhesive.

518ml bottle, 4L pail, 15L bucket, 205L drum, 1000L tote



DURAPRO AW3515 is an acrylic-based adhesive formulated to bond non-porous materials (melamine, vinyl, high pressure laminates, PVC edge banding, veneer, metal, stone, fabric, mouldings, decorative applications) to porous substrates (wood, particleboard, MDF). AW3515 also works great on painted surfaces.

Available in sizes of 518ml, 4L, 15L, 205L, 1000L


TYPE 2 PVA wood glue


DURAPRO AW3466 is a precatalized crosslinkable polyvinyl acetate based adhesive that provides good water-resistance and excellent bond strength. AW3466 is suitable for end products that are intended to be exposed to weather occasionally, and for interior projects where moderate humidity or water resistance is beneficial. #1 choice for cutting boards.

#1 choice for Cutting Boards

Local Product made in Canada (Dorval, Quebec)

Available in the following sizes: 135 ml & 518 ml bottles,  4L and 15L pails, 205L drum, 1000L IBC tote

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